What the critics are saying about Joe Genuardi

"Some of his decisions are not popular, but they are correct. Others are simply wrong. But he must have been given the authority to make those decisions or he wouldn't be making them. Obviously he's doing what someone higher wants done, or someone else would be in his position."

An unnamed admirer in the city zoning department

If you look at the cases closely, what you end up seeing is an uneven application of the zoning code. There is this sense of doing whatever it takes to interpret things to allow the developer to do what he wants. But I don't think they show any favoritism. I think if I went in and asked for something I'd probably get it. It's a very accommodating system, which seems to be the the way things are run at the City of Miami."

Bob Fitzsimmons, past president of the Coconut Grove Civic Club

"The power in the zoning administrator's position is in interpreting what the word says. If you turn down the lights, tilt your head, squint your eyes, and hold it sideways, the zoning code will read whatever you want it to. If you study the cases, this will become abundantly clear to you."

Tucker Gibbs, vice president of the Coconut Grove Civic Club


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