Westchester Church Parishioner Gets Three Years in Prison

The Miami-based church parishioner caught swindling thousands from low-income and elderly people -- including one blind widow -- was sentenced to 40 months in federal prison yesterday. Pablo Gehr, 32, of St. Brendan's Catholic Church, plead guilty to tax return fraud this past February. He conned over $200,000.

His scheme: Offer free tax services to fellow church-goers, then pocket the return checks. Cops charged him with forgery and fraud back in January, after finding he had direct-deposited about a dozen clients' cash into three of his bank accounts. The feds slapped him with a 24-count indictment, noting his paperwork was "false, fictional, and fraudulent."

His last noted address is on Brickell Avenue and he was also charged with grand theft and organized fraud in 2008.

Gehr's lawyer Luis Fernandez was not immediately available for comment Wednesday.


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