Weekend Football: Magic City vs. Magic Kingdom

Land Shark stadium will sit empty this weekend, as your newly energized Dolphins take a bye week, and your Hurricanes head on a bus from the Magic City to the Magic Kingdom.

Miami Hurricanes @ UCF Golden Nights, Saturday 7:30 pm on CBS CSN and streaming in HD online

The UCF Golden Knights apparently have dedicated fans, and most of them are taking the admittedly fantastic "Well, hey if we win this, it would be the biggest victory in program history" line of pre-game thought. Indicating the chances of the Knights upsetting the No. 9 Hurricanes are small, but, gee, wouldn't it be something if they did.

At the same time, Canes fans need to be well aware a loss here would be amongst the biggest ball busters in their program's history.

The Canes only beat UCF at home last year by 20-14, and UCF has a history of giving ranked teams a run for their money on their home field, though they've never beaten one, and the Canes still come into the game as something like two touchdown favorites.


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