Viral Video Asks, "Why the Hell Would You Want to Live in Miami?"

Xtranormal's do-it-yourself computer-animated videos with monotone computer voices are the latest minitrend in viral videos. Geico has even used the site's video-making service in its commercials. Usually the videos pit someone naive against someone irate, and it was only a matter of time before someone made one targeting our fair city. It calls our airport "a mix of a reggaeton concert and a flea market."

We're really not sure why anyone would still go to a travel agent, but the video pits a woman interested in moving to Miami against a somewhat bigoted, Miami-hating travel agent trying to talk her out of it. Apparently he fears she'll wind up "bound and gagged in a dumpster in Little Havana." Listen, travel agent, that woman was found in a dumpster in North Miami, OK? Little Havana is actually a pretty nice, safe area. Though he is right about the "most normal events being turned into a dance party with a strung-out DJ." 

Whatever, we're going to stick with the "Miami is a culturally diverse city with many opportunities" line.

[via MyKicks]

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