Video: FAU Student Snaps in Class, Attacks Students and Staff

Do you guys enjoy watching people with apparent mental health issues explode in tragic fits of rage? Yeah, you probably do, because you're the internet, and you're sick, twisted fucks, so we guess we'll blog about this video of a Florida Atlantic University student caught on camera during some sort of loud and violent breakdown in the middle of class.

According to the University Press, associate professor Stephen M. Kajiura was discussing female sexual selections of peacocks in his evolution class yesterday, when student Jonatha Carr decided to ask, "How does evolution kill black people?" Kajiura attempted to explain that evolution doesn't kill anyone, but Carr repeated the question multiple times before going off on a rampage, and threatens to "kill the fuck out of" someone.

Carr pushes the head of a fellow student before a university staff member tried to get her to leave the classroom. Carr then attacked him.

Police became involved and eventually used a Taser on Carr while she sitting in the back of a cop car. She was taken to a local hospital for observation.

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