U.S. Turns off News Ticker in Havana

I guess it is possible a news ticker could bring down an oppressive regime, but in reality it's just going to serve as another silly point of conflict. 

The U.S. diplomatic mission in Havana turned on the five-foot high, 25-windows-long news ticker in January 2006. The first message, to celebrate Martin Lurther King Jr.'s birthday, read, "I have a dream one day this nation will rise up." Subtle. 

The Castro government was predictably pissed and, according to the Cuban press, attempted to obscure the ticker with 138 flagpoles. Another instance of people acting like children in the ongoing "dialogue" between the two governments. 

Well, finally the Obama administration has turned off the ticker. Some say it's a sign the relations between the two countries are maturing. 


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