U.S. Might Reopen Communication with Cuba

Think of America's foreign relations as an AOL Instant Messenger buddy list. We've got roughly 190 buddies, dived up into "BFF," "Frenemies," "Casual Acquaintances," etc. But for about 50 years, the screen name "Fidel4Lyfe" (AKA Cuba) has been blocked.

Well, the New York Times reports today that the Obama administration is planning on holding informal meetings with Cuba to reverse the block. It's not something all that new. Many presidents have held informal talks with Cuba about the matter, though usually in secret.

An anonymous official told the Times the administration is keen to open channels of communication on issues such as drug trafficking, migration, and security.

However, the source added, "This thing with Cuba is going to take a lot of time, and it may not work."


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