U.S. Bid Includes Miami Hosting World Cup Draw

Today's the day when the U.S. Soccer Federation submits its final bid to host either the 2018 or 2022 World Cup. Despite the fact that only 12 cities are needed, the bid includes 18 cities.

Miami's role in the bid gets special prominence, because, according to AP reports, we've been chosen to host the draw.

Which is not really that exciting. The draw is when the officials split the 32 qualifying nations into eight groups of four teams each to play in the first, round-robin-style stage of the tournament. However, it is a pretty good signal that Miami will be included as a big part of the bid and should be immune if the federation is forced to cut the number of cities. Sun Life Stadium is tipped as a potential playing location.

FIFA is expected to decide December 2 which city will host both future tournaments.


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