Until Proven Guilty


So you didn't smash the window of the jewelry store and make off with the sapphire and ruby necklace. The fracas that had your neighbors standing in their yards and peeping out windows after you drank three quarts of beer, fought with your husband, threw his clothes on the front lawn and set them on fire, and then plowed them under with the Hummer for good measure was just a misunderstanding. And even though there are only about five guys in all of Hialeah with red muttonchop sideburns, a tattoo that reads "2 Live Crew 4 Ever" on the left bicep, and a "Nader 2004" T-shirt, the dude on the convenience store surveillance tape isn't you.

Don't worry, you'll have your day in court and eventually your reputation and rap sheet will be restored to their former unblemished state. Or maybe you'll end up in Raiford. The end of the story doesn't matter here. What does is that, guilty or innocent, once you're arrested and processed "into the system," your mug shot and arrest report become, now and forever, part of the public record.

In fact most people who are arrested are released within hours of being booked into the jail. Many are bailed out by a friend or family member or through the services of bond agents. Others are detained long enough to face a courtroom arraignment. At these appearances, a high percentage of charges are simply dismissed, and the detained walk away with nothing more than a harrowing memory.

What New Times set out to do here is simply to present, with minimal sociological analysis, some data about a single night of bookings at Miami-Dade County Jail. The night we chose was this past July 31, which was a Saturday night as well as the night of a full moon -- a blue moon, the second full moon of the month and an infrequent astronomical occurrence. Out of 265 arrests countywide, 130 are represented here.

So are certain days of the week or month more hectic for law enforcement and emergency response workers? It depends whom you ask.

Lt. William Schwartz, spokesman for the Miami Police Department, said that the city does not track crime statistics by the cycle of the moon. Nor does the department track whether more crimes are committed on a weekend than on a weekday, he added.

"People have this romantic notion that all sorts of witches, goblins, and crazies come out during a full moon," Schwartz said. "But I have never seen a study that verifies that. It's just an old wives' tale."

Miami-Dade County police spokesman Pete Williams cackled when asked if his department studies whether more people commit crimes under the glow of the full moon. "Actually, I've read reports that people commit less crime under a full moon," said Williams. "But we don't track crime that way."

Some weirdness, though, does seem to increase during such periods.

A recently released University of Washington study of police and emergency room statistics nationwide showed there were more aggravated assaults when the moon was full.

The study also monitored emergency room calls during a one-year period and found they surged when the Earth's orbiting tagalong was large in the sky (though the most suicide calls were during the new moon).

The study further stated there were significantly more instances of people being bitten by animals (of all kinds, not just werewolves) when the moon was full, including, during the course of the study, 1621 bites from cats, rats, horses, and, yes, canines.

So it's more likely that decompression from stressful, crappy jobs, access to alcohol and other substances, and friction with those annoying family members less escapable on the weekend lead to hockey-player-like aggression in Miami-Dade's citizenry on Saturday nights, which, typically, do see more than 100 bookings at the jail.

Like wearing clean underpants, it's important to remember to be ready for your closeup whenever you leave the house, because your mug shot opportunity could crop up at any time. And if you live in Miami long enough, it probably will.


Harold Kenneth Gilbert, Miami

DOB: June 15, 1981

Charge: Outstanding bench warrant for driving without a valid license


Jesus A. Rodriguez, Miami

DOB: January 24, 1980

Charge: Driving under the influence


Ryadh Damian Ali, Scarborough, Ontario

DOB: July 21, 1978

Charges: Disorderly intoxication and resisting officer without violence


Sedrick L. Sanders, North Miami

DOB: September 16, 1972

Charge: Outstanding bench warrant for domestic violence


Emory Ray Burgess, Miami

DOB: September 9, 1952

Charge: Petty larceny


David Rueda, Miami

DOB: September 8, 1983  

Charge: Cocaine possession


Jonathan Castro Galvez, Miami

DOB: April 15, 1983

Charges: Battery on a police officer/firefighter, resisting officer without violence, and trespassing after warning


Isaac Martinez Rivera, Hialeah Gardens

DOB: November 2, 1985

Charge: Marijuana possession


Pierre Armand Parent, North Miami Beach

DOB: January 25, 1975

Charges: Driving with a suspended license and attempting to flee/elude a police officer


Pablo Anaya, Miami

DOB: June 28, 1965

Charges: Dealing in stolen property, grand theft, and illegal transportation of motor fuel


Perry Lee Campbell, Homestead

DOB: May 9, 1973

Charges: Aggravated assault, attempting to flee/elude an officer, driving with a suspended license, resisting officer without violence


Roberto Cazares, Homestead

DOB: July 6, 1983

Charge: Aggravated battery


Jorge Hernandez, Miami

DOB: October 30, 1985

Charge: Driving under the influence


John Timothy Edwards, Washington, D.C.

DOB: June 19, 1974

Charge: Driving under the influence


Otonael Hernandez, Miami Beach

DOB: March 2, 1969

Charges: Possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia


Ricardo Diaz, Miami Beach

DOB: August 5, 1978

Charges: Possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia


William F. Rodriguez, Miami

DOB: June 1, 1968

Charge: Driving with a suspended license


Trey Terry, Miami

DOB: August 2, 1984

Charge: Strongarm robbery


Lazaro Dupuy, Miami

DOB: January 22, 1951

Charge: Driving under the influence


Jorge Hosteano Rivas, Miami

DOB: June 30, 1958

Charge: Driving under the influence


Cesar A. Cisneros, Miami

DOB: September 28, 1968

Charge: Driving under the influence


Adolfo Soto, Miami

DOB: November 9, 1945

Charge: Driving under the influence


Raul Hernandez, Miami

DOB: December 24, 1971

Charges: Outstanding bench warrant for assault/battery and driving under the influence


Rafael Urena, Miami Beach

DOB: April 24, 1972

Charges: Aggravated battery on a pregnant woman and resisting an officer with violence


Billy Downey, Miami

DOB: September 29, 1959

Charge: Marijuana possession


Rafael Serrano, Miami Beach

DOB: August 28, 1983

Charge: Grand theft


Jorge Gamarra, Miami

DOB: August 13, 1960

Charge: Driving under the influence


Elizabeth Fernandez, Miami

DOB: April 8, 1967

Charges: Driving under the influence, driving with a suspended license, and driving with an expired license


Gloria Johnson, Miami

DOB: March 30, 1957

Charge: Throwing a deadly missile


Jermone Jermaine Johnson, Miami

DOB: July 13, 1980

Charges: Marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia possession, driving under the influence, and driving with a suspended license


Harold Williams, Jr., Miami

DOB: February 5, 1952

Charges: Cocaine possession, drug paraphernalia possession, and driving without a valid license


Mark Bryant, Miami

DOB: August 1, 1957

Charges: Petty theft, probation violation, and driving with a suspended license


José A. Garcia, Miami

DOB: November 3, 1964

Charges: Burglary with assault and battery, and lewd and lascivious molestation of a child under twelve


Stephen Bryant, Miami

DOB: April 29, 1962

Charge: Obstruction of civil/criminal proceedings


Julio Cabrera, Miami

DOB: April 30, 1986

Charge: Aggravated battery with a deadly weapon


Shaun Francisco West, Brooklyn

DOB: August 11, 1979

Charges: Marijuana possession and prostitution


Levi Mosley, Jr., Homestead

DOB: December 5, 1974

Charges: Domestic violence and resisting arrest without violence


Porsha Mitchell, Milwa, Wisconsin

DOB: August 8, 1983

Charge: Prostitution


Porche Goodwin, Miami

DOB: October 11, 1980

Charge: Prostitution


Xavier Avant, Florida City

DOB: June 22, 1985

Charges: Obstructing a police officer, resisting arrest without violence, and outstanding bench warrant for driving without a license


Jermaine C. Grant, Miami

DOB: October 25, 1971

Charges: Battery and aggravated battery


Gerald Allen Lacasse, Miami

DOB: October 4, 1973

Charge: Unlawful use of a driver's license


Christopher Anthony Utkus, Hollywood

DOB: January 17, 1966

Charges: Resisting/obstructing a police officer/firefighter, and assault and battery


Joseph Scott, Florida City

DOB: December 25, 1970

Charge: Bench warrant for driving without a valid license


Robert Earl Orr, Miami  

DOB: July 28, 1956

Charges: Battery and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon


Kenya Kison Smith, Miami

DOB: August 7, 1985

Charge: Bench warrant for improper display of weapon


Florencio Vidal Martinez, Hialeah

DOB: October 27, 1965

Charge: Driving with a suspended license


Lamorris Edward Johnson, Kendall

DOB: November 10, 1971

Charges: Illegal possession of a firearm and dealing in stolen property


Clarke E. Lowe, Miami

DOB: April 7, 1972

Charges: Driving with a suspended license and driving without proof of license


Ronald Axel Martinez, Miami

DOB: January 13, 1985

Charge: Driving with a suspended license


Yasir Elnusri, Miami

DOB: January 1, 1970

Charge: Driving with a false vehicle insurance card


Luis Armando Chacon, Miami

DOB: March 24, 1970

Charge: Driving with an expired license


Enrique de Armas, Miami

DOB: October 28, 1960

Charge: Assault and battery


Maria Gonzalez Polito, Miami

DOB: March 18, 1961

Charge: Failure to obey a police officer/firefighter


Rene Ripes, Miami

DOB: February 24, 1972

Charges: Marijuana possession and intent to sell marijuana


David Alfonso Bynes, Miami

DOB: September 25, 1983

Charges: Loitering/prowling and bench warrant for marijuana possession


Hector Agusto Crissien, Miami Beach

DOB: June 25, 1979

Charges: Bench warrant for reckless driving and driving with a suspended license


Anthony Lamar White, Pembroke Pines

DOB: September 28, 1981

Charges: Bench warrants for driving with a suspended license


Edwin Alarcon, Miami

DOB: August 12, 1972

Charge: Aggravated battery


Andrea Bernard Dancy, Miami

DOB: August 19, 1958

Charge: Assault and battery


José Gutierrez, Homestead

DOB: January 27, 1966

Charge: Bench warrant for illegally marking commercial vehicle


Lazaro Jesus Gamon, Miami

DOB: January 28, 1982

Charges: Carrying a concealed firearm and marijuana possession


Errol Alexander Campbell, Miami

DOB: July 5, 1967

Charges: Driving without a valid driver's license and driving with a registration tag belonging to another vehicle


Alfonso Perez, Metairie, Louisiana

DOB: August 29, 1969

Charge: Aggravated assault with a firearm


Andrew Johnson, Miami

DOB: September 23, 1935

Charge: Aggressive panhandling


Victor Abreu, Sunny Isles Beach

DOB: March 27, 1964

Charges: Corruption/threat of a public servant, grand theft, organized fraud, and practicing law without a license


Michael C. McGriff, Miami

DOB: October 31, 1975

Charges: Cocaine possession and intent to sell cocaine


Ninoska C. Villafaña, Caracas, Venezuela

DOB: May 11, 1970

Charge: Petty larceny/theft


Anna Marie Wilson, Miami

DOB: December 1, 1957

Charge: Resisting/obstructing police officer/firefighter


David Montiel, Hialeah

DOB: September 13, 1954

Charges: Cocaine possession and tampering with physical evidence


William Stokes, Miami

DOB: July 29, 1959

Charge: Aggressive panhandling


Joseph Burnett, Miami

DOB: November 25, 1973

Charge: Obstruction of justice/providing false information


Adrian J. Curry, Miami

DOB: February 6, 1981

Charges: Cocaine possession with intent to sell and marijuana possession with intent to sell


Carlos A. Alvarez, Hialeah

DOB: August 23, 1970

Charge: Petty larceny/theft


Rosalba Acosta, Hialeah

DOB: May 28, 1962

Charges: Obstruction of justice/providing false information, driving with a suspended license, and bench warrant for driving under the influence


Ernest Edward Hooker, Miami

DOB: September 26, 1961

Charges: Bench warrant for battery on a person and nonpayment of child support


Gary Alexander Venisee, Opa-locka

DOB: October 31, 1962

Charges: Grand theft, forgery, uttering forged bill, resisting an officer with violence, and resisting an officer without violence


Vanessa Elsa Garcia, Miami

DOB: July 16, 1971

Charge: Child negligence


Arianna Agunto, Miami

DOB: January 12, 1975

Charge: Child negligence


Shawanda Denise Hall, Miami

DOB: September 20, 1978

Charges: Cocaine possession and drug paraphernalia possession


Ilene Esther Schwartz, Miami Beach

DOB: April 5, 1955

Charges: Burglary of an occupied structure, cocaine possession, and drug paraphernalia possession


Levy Payne, Carol City

DOB: September 23, 1965

Charge: Battery


Roberto Perez, Miami

DOB: March 16, 1979

Charge: Cocaine possession  


Michael Darryl Jones, Miami

DOB: December 10, 1963

Charges: Cocaine possession


Elizabeth May Baker, Hollywood

DOB: January 9, 1979

Charge: Petty theft


Pedro Miguel de la Rosa, Miami

DOB: April 15, 1974

Charges: Attempting to flee/elude officer, resisting officer without violence, and driving with a suspended license


Raul Gonzalez, Miami

DOB: December 21, 1983

Charges: Petty larceny/theft and bench warrant for marijuana possession


Derrick N. Allen, Opa-locka

DOB: June 10, 1974

Charges: Cocaine possession and marijuana possession


Darroll Antonio Roberts, Miami

DOB: November 16, 1975

Charge: Marijuana possession with intent to sell


Lioneil C. Hoggan, Miami

DOB: March 31, 1983

Charges: Cocaine possession with intent to sell and marijuana possession with intent to sell


George Callahan, Miami

DOB: October 25, 1958

Charges: Petty theft and providing false name after arrest


Mario Hamlin, Miami

DOB: July 21, 1973

Charges: Disorderly intoxication and trespassing property after warning


Alec B. Rumovitz, El Portal

DOB: January 9, 1973

Charges: Resisting officer without violence, trespassing property after warning, and disorderly conduct


Waymond F. Walker, Miami

DOB: January 6, 1981

Charges: Marijuana possession and disorderly conduct


Juan A. Rosario, Miami

DOB: June 16, 1953

Charge: Bench warrant for drinking in public


Nilda C. Perez, Miami

DOB: July 12, 1958

Charge: Child negligence


Hen Hamami, North Lauderdale

DOB: April 3, 1981

Charges: Bench warrant for failing to comply with Manatee speed zone, driving with expired vehicle registration, driving with license tag assigned to another vehicle, and unlawful alteration of a license


Fredrick M. Crawford, Miami

DOB: October 26, 1981

Charge: Marijuana possession


Lee C. Thompson, Miami

DOB: July 22, 1958

Charge: Disorderly intoxication


William Rivera, Miami

DOB: August 31, 1961

Charges: Petty theft and bench warrant for petty theft


Jesus Reyes, Miami

DOB: December 25, 1965

Charges: Aggravated assault with a bottle, battery, indecent exposure, and driving without a valid license


Rafael Reyes, Miami

DOB: June 29, 1950

Charge: Aggravated battery with a machete


Kethia Sanon, Miami

DOB: September 2, 1979

Charges: Child abuse and bench warrant for driving with a suspended license


Prentiss Bybee Staten, Miami

DOB: November 17, 1975

Charge: Tampering with physical evidence


Vilma N. Ramirez, Miami

DOB: January 17, 1964

Charge: Battery


Christopher Smith, Miami

DOB: November 2, 1956

Charge: Bench warrant for disorderly intoxication


Tala Dowlatshahi, New York, New York

DOB: February 16, 1972

Charges: Trespassing and resisting/obstructing a police officer/firefighter


James F. Hickman, Miami Beach

DOB: June 23, 1958

Charge: Drug paraphernalia possession


Eduardo Antonio Monterroso, Hialeah

DOB: December 5, 1970

Charges: Marijuana possession, driving with a suspended license and fugitive bench warrant from Pinellas County


Roger F. Mayorga, North Miami

DOB: February 12, 1981

Charge: Loitering


Raul Ernesto Guevara, Hialeah Gardens

DOB: March 14, 1977

Charges: Loitering and driving with a registration tag assigned to another vehicle


Manuel Demeyth, Miami Beach

DOB: September 30, 1965

Charges: Drinking alcoholic beverage in public and trespassing property after warning


Wilmer Alexis Vasquez, Miami

DOB: October 29, 1981

Charge: Carrying a concealed weapon


Gerard Louis Fils-Aime, Miami Shores

DOB: July 27, 1980

Charge: Marijuana possession


Rollin Geffery Chery, Miami

DOB: October 29, 1983

Charge: Driving without a valid license


Lavaud Georges, Miami

DOB: July 28, 1964

Charge: Fugitive bench warrant from Collier County


Roderick D. Holloman, Miami

DOB: August 13, 1959

Charge: Grand theft


Felipe Lizano, Miami

DOB: November 11, 1980

Charge: Bench warrant for driving with a suspended license


Orellana Irma Rauda, Miami

DOB: July 29, 1971

Charges: Illegal sale of alcoholic beverages


Juan Sanchez, Miami

DOB: January 16, 1966

Charges: Bench warrants for petty theft and driving with a suspended license


Irma Rodriguez, Miami

DOB: March 10, 1957

Charges: Illegal sale of alcoholic beverages


Gil Alberto Alvarado, Miami  

DOB: April 30, 1983

Charge: Bench warrant for marijuana possession


Nicolas Rodriguez, Miami

DOB: October 22, 1985

Charges: Threatening a public servant, resisting officer without violence, providing a false name after arrest, driving with a suspended license, and bench warrant for driving with a suspended license


Gary Tyrone Lumpkin, Miami

DOB: August 10, 1964

Charges: Cocaine possession and marijuana possession


Logario Uries, Miami

DOB: January 15, 1954

Charge: Driving without a valid license


Tavares Ladler, Miami

DOB: September 18, 1975

Charge: Bench warrant for marijuana possession


Shawn Earl Orr, Miami

DOB: January 15, 1979

Charge: Driving with a suspended license


Flossie Mae Woodard, Miami

DOB: December 28, 1963

Charge: Bench warrant for battery/domestic violence


Oliva Andres Hernandez, Miami

DOB: January 27, 1974

Charge: Aggravated battery


Kevin D. Benjamin, Miami

DOB: June 30, 1980

Charges: Bench warrants for driving with a suspended license

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