UCF Gives Miami A One-Finger Salute

UCF Gives Miami A One-Finger Salute
via the Orlando Sentinel

The University of Central Florida may not have prevailed on the field against the Miami Hurricanes.

But as you can see, they won big time in the obscene-gestures-caught-on-national-TV contest.

The best Miami players could muster were some "L-on-the-forehead" loser signs when Joe Burnett -- No. 19 and the Golden Knight's best player -- decided to break out the big guns.

No word yet on what kind of fine or punishment Burnett's going to face for his big 'fuck you' to Miami fans, beamed 'round the nation on ESPNU.

But coming off a crushing losses to Florida State and North Carolina, it's a safe bet that the U was pretty happy walking off with a 20-14 win -- even if they totally got punk'd in the end by Joe Burnett.

-- Tim Elfrink

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