Tropical Storm Emily Prepared to Mess Up Your Weekend

While it's not projected to directly hit South Florida, or any part of the state for that matter, Tropical Storm Emily has all the makings of one of those classic, seriously annoying hurricanes. So, even under the best-case scenario, prepare to have a serious dampening damper put on your weekend.

Emily has her sights set on Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Haiti, and will pass through the islands as a tropical storm over the next few days.

The storm is then projected to cozy up along the South Florida coast just in time for the weekend. It's too early to tell if Emily will reach hurricane status, though current projections show that she'll likely stay just under hurricane-strength.

Here's Emily's projected five-day path from Weather Underground:

Tropical Storm Emily Prepared to Mess Up Your Weekend

Storms do have a habit of changing, but it appears that as of right now, expect rain and wind this weekend.

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