Tours of Shame

Nothing says "Superbowl" like tombstones, tent cities, and tours of shame. Next week, as most folks prepare for The Big Game by going to Publix to buy chicken wings and beer, some local activists -- including Umoja Village creator Max Rameau -- will protest gentrification and the lack of affordable housing. Starting on Monday, people will spontaneously gather at various places around the city (Umoja Shantytown, Tap Tap Restaurant, Ocean Drive) to protest the evil forces of capitalism, and, of course, the war. (Umoja has gotten some national press lately, in Time and in The New York Times.)

Our favorite gathering: A "tour of shame" around Miami's most gentrified and run-down neighborhoods, then the creation of a tent city outside of the county building on First Street. Click here for the full schedule. -Tamara Lush


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