Tomorrow, Teach a Friend to Homebrew

People of Miami – put down your Presidentes. (Ok, you can finish them, first). Keep the bottles. You will soon be filling them with delicious beer of your own creation.

Tomorrow is the ninth annual “Teach a friend to homebrew day.” While it hasn’t officially been recognized as a national holiday, the event has already taken on holy significance in the hearts and minds of all real Americans –and real non-Americans.

Last year, 1,200 participants brewed 2,200 gallons on Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day at 51 sites worldwide (including Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, England, Indonesia, and United States).

I was going to produce a how-to video about making a batch of beer. But an intregal part of the brewing process is drinking your old beer. And so I forgot.

If you’re interested, e-mail an officer of your local homebrew outpost. You can get their contact at Beer. --Calvin Godfrey


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