This Is your Real Estate Brain. This Is Your Real Estate Brain After the Recession

Here's the basic rundown on financially ruined Miami mega-realtor Carlos Justos, from an ABC News Profile.

This is Justo before the recession: $7 million waterfront home. Star of the Bravo series Million Dollar Agents. Clientele including big shots such as the Estefans. $20 million net worth. Admittedly driven by greed and ego. Regularly chartered helicopters and Rolls Royces.

This is Justo after the recession: Soon to be repossessed Brickell condo. Long since replaced on Bravo with that pretty boy with the freaky helmet hair. Cranky clientele who don't want to face the economic realities. $7 million in debt. Humbled. But he's still got a Range Rover and a private driver.

Any questions?


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