This Is What Happens When You Win a Trip to South Beach With a Bear in a Bikini

I'm not sure what's more embarrassing for Tom, the winner of a Mike's Hard Lemonade sweepstakes for a trip to South Beach over Labor Day weekend: that he spent much of the weekend filming a commercial with a bear in a bikini, that he brought his mother, or that now everyone knows he drinks Mike's Hard Lemonade.

The contest seemed decent enough. The winner would get to bring a guest for a VIP weekend in Miami. The only odd part is that the alco-pop purveyor advertised the trip as featuring a bear in a bikini -- or, rather, someone dressed in a bear suit decorated with a yellow bikini and a blond wig. So, according to AdWeek, 31-year-old Tom was the winner. He brought his mother. This is what happened:

Yes, relaxation and dining at the Soho Beach Club -- with a bear in a bikini. A boat tour -- with a bear in a bikini. Beach days -- with a bear in a bikini. Apparently Tom and his mom decided to skip the night of clubbing -- with a bear in a bikini -- so the bear went it alone. The worst part of the ordeal is that it's all now online. That's what you get for not drinking real beer -- a bear in a bikini.

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