They Owned the Ranch

Smuggling cocaine into the United States wasn't Willy Falcon and Sal Magluta's only business venture. According to federal agents, the pair was also heavily into the South Florida real estate market. During the past eight months, the U.S. Marshals Service has seized more than $16 million in property they say Falcon and Magluta purchased with the profits of their drug empire.

The government is also seeking to keep everything they find inside the properties. In one apartment complex on NW Eighth Street, for example, feds laid claim to 80 refrigerators, 80 washers, 80 dryers, 80 stoves, 80 dishwashers, 80 air conditioners, and 80 water heaters. (In most cases the appliances - and the unknowing tenants - have been allowed to remain in the apartments.)

This is only the latest round of seizures in the government's case against the two smugglers. In recent years federal agents seized and sold a ranch Falcon and Magluta owned at 12000 SW 49th St. in West Dade, as well as a condominium in Vail, Colorado.

A list of properties seized since May 1991:

* 8370 SW Second St., West Dade
* 1117 Alberca St., Coral Gables
* 1210 Country Club Prado, Coral Gables
* 8260 SW Fourth St., West Dade
* 9944 NW 48th Cir., in the Doral Park Golf & Racquet Club
* 1461 W. 42nd St., Hialeah
* 520 Brickell Key Dr., Miami (Penthouse Apt. 1)
* 520 Brickell Key Dr., Miami (Penthouse Apt. 12)
* 2025 Brickell Ave., Miami (Unit 1103)
* 8500 NW Eighth St., West Dade
* 8401-8425 NW Eighth St., West Dade
* 1324 W. 40th St., Hialeah
* 1334 W. 40th St., Hialeah
* 1396 W. 40th St., Hialeah
* 13313 SW 27th St., West Dade
* 99 W. Plaza Granada, Port Antigua, Islamorada


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