Ren gets the finger.

These lucky Chihuahuas made it big

When we saw that the Wall Street Journal whipped up a stipple portrait of Conchita, the Ginger-wig-wearing Chihuahua that belonged to the late Miami socialite Gail Posner, Riptide got to thinking what a grand life these little bug-eyed rat-dogs lead. So we compiled a list of the five most rich and famous Chihuahuas.

• Conchita and her two sisters: Posner's tiny designer pooches got a $3 million inheritance plus an $8.3 million Miami Beach mansion. The three dogs were already living flossy. They have their own gold Cadillac Escalade that takes them to and from their weekly puppy spa appointments, plus a four-season wardrobe, a full-time staff of doggy sitters, and lotsa diamonds.

• Tinkerbell: Hotel heiress Paris Hilton's Chihuahua has had her perks. In 2004, the golden-haired tiny hound published a memoir, The Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries, and was a regular costar on Paris's reality show, The Simple Life.


rich Chihuahuas

• Loki: Standing by her master, Mickey Rourke, during the down years of his acting career paid off for the stubby-legged canine. When the Miami Beach-born actor made a big comeback with The Wrestler, Loki was at his side at the Venice and Sundance film festivals. The love of Mickey's life passed away last year.

• Gidget: This pup is perhaps one of the most underrated actors of our era. She did a damn fine job playing the role of a Mexican male revolutionary Chihuahua who coined the phrase, "Yo quiero Taco Bell." But when Taco Bell stopped using her for ad campaigns, we never heard from her again. Gidget was euthanized July 21, 2009, after suffering a stroke in the home of her trainer, Sue Chipperton.

• Ren: This asthmatic, psychotic doggy starred alongside Stimpy the cat in a long-running animated series. Though parents complained about Ren's propensity for violence against Stimpy, we will always love how he gleefully plotted to kill his costar.

May they rest in peace or live in mansions till the big Master comes.


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