The Year in Weapons
Alvaro Diaz-Rubio

The Year in Weapons

Hey, Mom and Dad! Can you find and circle all the weapons your kids brought to school last year? Between August 2006 and July 2007, Miami-Dade Schools Police confiscated on school property about 300 objects deemed "weapons."

Little Billy and Susie (and Andrés and Keisha) packed 17 handguns, two AK-47s, two stun guns, two cans of pepper spray, two wooden sticks, three metal pipes, and even a 12-gauge shotgun with a broken handle!

And, according to the list, today's youngsters are really sharp. School cops picked up 192 knives (butterfly, switchblade, pocket, kitchen, steak, small, and large), 10 razor blades, 18 box cutters, two machetes, and a pair of pens containing hidden shanks. One bayonet came in ... at eight inches. Wowie!

Your little monsters sure know their way around a toolbox too. Police took a hammer from one, pliers from another, and a foot-long flat-head screwdriver from yet another. One budding McGyver even taped a sharpening blade to the end of a pencil.


weapons in Miami-Dade County schools

But don't worry, parents. Your tots still know how to throw a punch! Cops nabbed 26 pairs of brass knuckles.

Download the PDF and see if you can find those hidden weapons — 10 in all — in the illustration. Then check your findings against the answer key. Before you all sit down to a nice holiday dinner, don't forget to frisk Junior!


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