The Ten Worst Things Tourists Do in Miami

The Ten Worst Things Tourists Do in Miami

We love our tourists down here in Miami, if only because they keep a large chunk of our economy running. But like anything we love, they sometimes annoy us.

As the barrage of summer break tourists pours into South Florida this holiday weekend, let's review the things that bother us most about our money-spending visitors, in the hopes we can start getting along just a little better.

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Visiting Miami With No Basic Information About Miami

Tourists heading south on South Dixie Highway have asked us at stoplights how to get to South Beach. ("I know the name is kind of misleading, but you should start by actually heading north.") Tourists have also told us they're surprised Miami has such a "Latin influence." And tourists complain about the hot and rainy summer weather. You don't have to buy a guidebook, but at least read the Wikipedia page before you get on your flight.

The Ten Worst Things Tourists Do in Miami

Asking Everyone Where to Get Cocaine

Miami has a bit of reputation for that pure stuff, but that doesn't mean you should ask every local you meet where to get it within the first five minutes of knowing them. You should at least ask the people who actually seem like they're on cocaine first. Seriously, a lot of us don't know, and even those who do aren't going to jump through hoops to hook you up.

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