The Search For Boston's Classiest Celtics Fan

Like the band playing on as the Titanic sank, what remained of the rapidly dissipating crowd last night at TD Garden took to their feet and chanted "Let's Go Celtics." A display that will probably be twisted as proof positive that Boston fans are superior in every way to Miami fans. At first our only thought was, "Ugh."

Though, maybe we should concede that the fine fans of Boston are actually totally classier than us. But who is the classiest fan in all of Boston?

Is it the guy who lobbed a basketball directly at Dwyane Wade's head? Or is it all the fans who cheered when it happened?

Is it whoever hacked this sign?

The Search For Boston's Classiest Celtics Fan

Is it one of these people on Twitter?

The Search For Boston's Classiest Celtics Fan

Actually, it's probably whoever threw this beer on LeBron's head after his monster game, which is something we don't particularly remember happening after Rondo's monster game at the AAA.

Congratulations, beer guy! You are indeed the classiest Celtics fan ever!

As for the Celtics themselves, well, we just have one thing to say: "Good job! Good effort!"

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