The Names

Listed below are the names of Nogues family members, followed by other principal characters mentioned in this article, in alphabetical order.

Dr. Lisette Nogues, 41, neurologist. Since November 1989 has been forbidden by the court to see her six youngest children, stemming from allegations against her and her husband, made by their daughter Aimee.

Dr. Andres Nogues, 33, formerly a second-year resident in pediatrics. Married to Lisette Nogues for thirteen years. In March 1990 juvenile court found him guilty of sexually abusing Aimee Nogues; since November 1989 has been forbidden by the court to see the minor Nogues children.

Aimee Nogues, 17. In September 1989 accused her stepfather of sexual abuse and her mother of physical abuse, allegations that led the state to remove from the Nogueses' custody all seven of their minor children. Recanted six months later, insisting she fabricated the claims. Currently living with a court-approved family friend.

Andy Nogues Cabo, 24. Eldest Nogues sibling; unsuccessfully sought custody of his brothers and sisters after they had been removed from their parents' house.

Javier Nogues, 18. No longer a minor; allowed by court to return to his parents' house to live.

Jeanette, 14, Lisette, Jr., 12, Nicole, 10, Daniel, 7, and Adrienne Nogues, 6. The four youngest Nogues children currently live with Michelle and Rick Porras. Not allowed contact with their parents or their four older siblings. Jeanette lives with friends.

Michelle (Nogues) Porras, 23. Eldest Nogues daughter, chosen by the court as guardian of her minor brothers and sisters. Aimee now alleges that Michelle encouraged her to accuse their parents of abuse; in 1986 Michelle accused Andres Nogues of sexual abuse, but later recanted.

Esther Blynn, assistant Dade state attorney. Lead prosecutor in 1990 trial in which Andres Nogues was found guilty of sexually abusing Aimee Nogues. Currently an attorney for Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services (HRS).

Iris Bruel, court-appointed psychological evaluator of the Nogues family.

Jesus Bujan, attorney. Representing the Nogueses in their effort to overturn the 1990 juvenile court ruling.

Ed Carhart, attorney. Defended Lisette and Andres Nogues since fall of 1990. Appalled at the "unholy alliance" he sees between HRS, the Guardians Ad Litem, and the Dade State Attorney's Office.

Juan Carrera, attorney. Defended the Nogueses in their 1990 juvenile court hearing, in which Andres Nogues was found guilty of sexually abusing Aimee and of fondling Michelle four years earlier.

Det. Ellen Christopher, Metro-Dade Police Sexual Battery detective who conducted a seven-month criminal investigation of Andres Nogues. Found no basis for the claims and closed the case in April 1990.

Judge Seymour Gelber, Now-retired juvenile court judge who presided over the Nogueses' 1990 adjudication hearing. Ruled that a preponderance of the evidence showed Andres had sexually abused his stepdaughter Aimee, with his wife Lisette's knowledge.

Judge William Gladstone, administrative juvenile court judge currently hearing the Nogueses' motion to throw out Gelber's previous trial verdict.

Robin Greene, attorney and Guardian Ad Litem. Hired as attorney by HRS early in 1990.

Robert Kelley, clinical social worker and therapist for the youngest Nogues children.

Rick Porras, 23, Michelle's husband.

June Shaw, the Nogues children's court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem. Promoted to paid GAL supervisory position in December of 1989.

Shelly Snodgrass, HRS investigative caseworker for juvenile case against Andres and Lisette Nogues.



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