The Most Effective Birth Control We've Seen in a While

The Most Effective Birth Control We've Seen in a While

In 2007, the Healthy Start Coalition of Miami-Dade reported that certain cultural pockets of Miami-Dade really see no problem with teenage pregnancy.

"However, some groups did not acknowledge that teen pregnancy is a problem. Most importantly, they expressed knowledge on frequent births to teens but do not feel that births to teens are necessarily a problem. Some communities expressed that all the women in their families have been teen moms and that those babies have all been born healthy. Thus, the challenge in these communities' lies not only in preventing teens births, but educating communities about the negative immediate and long-term effects that teen pregnancy has on the mother, her family and the community as a whole. "

With that, Riptide recommends that these communities be forced to add "Why The F*** Do You Have A Kid?" to their RSS reader immediately, until they realize just how truly horrible teen pregnancy is.

Generational-humor-gap warning: This is probably especially funny to a

generation of people who routinely find out via Facebook that their former high school classmates

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are preggers. Older people might simply find this


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