The Letter

March 16, 1993
Ellen Kaden
Corporate General Counsel
CBS Entertainment Group
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019
Dear Ellen:

I enjoyed our phone chat a couple of weeks back. As I promised, I have consulted with Knight-Ridder CEO Jim Batten and have informally canvassed board members. They, too, feel use of The Miami Herald as part of "Dave's World" would be inappropriate.

While I understand The Herald name would lend a certain authenticity to "Dave's World," I am concerned that depiction of our newsroom on national television could lead to confusion, and perhaps stereotyping, on the part of local viewers.

Stereotyping, I am sad to say, is far too common an ingredient in Miami's rich cultural stew. In the past, The Herald itself has been unfairly typecast by some members of our community who, I fear, might attempt to exploit "Dave's World" in a misguided effort to challenge our credibility.

In my capacity as publisher I have made it a point to stress the importance of mutual respect, dignity, and harmony amid Miami's wonderful diversity. Unfortunately, that sometimes means erring on the side of caution.

I do, however, look forward to seeing the final product, Herald or no. And I know that I speak for the entire staff in wishing you a long run with "Dave's World."

Dave Lawrence


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