The Cohen Cast of Characters

Jon Spear: Retired Miami homicide detective who, in 1993, reportedly expressed doubts about the hit-man theory.

Gail Bright: Channel 10 crime reporter who recently revealed that Spear had expressed those doubts.

Mario Hernandez: Bright's Channel 10 cameraman.

Stanley Cohen: Millionaire builder murdered March 7, 1986, in his Coconut Grove mansion.

Joyce Cohen: Stanley's young wife, convicted in 1989 of hiring hit men to kill him.

Frank Zuccarello: Prosecution's star witness who testified that Joyce Cohen hired him and two accomplices as hit men.

Bruce Raticoff: Zuccarello's attorney who helped fashion the plea deal with Dade prosecutors.

Anthony Caracciolo: One of Zuccarello's two alleged fellow hit men. Pleaded guilty but now says he's innocent.

Tommy Joslin: The other alleged hit man. Also pleaded guilty and now says he's innocent.

Joe Gross: Metro-Dade detective who first heard Zuccarello claim inside knowledge of the Cohen murder.

James Wander: Gross's sergeant. He questioned Zuccarello's credibility.

Steve Emerson: FDLE agent who doubted Zuccarello's credibility. Also claims Detective Spear expressed doubts about the hit-man theory.

David Waksman: Dade assistant state attorney on the Cohen case for the first nine months. Encouraged Gail Bright to come forward.

John Kastrenakes and Kevin DiGregory: Prosecutors who convicted Joyce Cohen at trial. They affirm her guilt, Zuccarello's truthfulness.

Abe Laeser: Assistant state attorney who supervised the Cohen prosecution. Now doubts the hit-man theory.

Tony Fantigrassi: Broward Sheriff's Office captain who doubts Zuccarello's credibility.

Brian Cavanagh: Broward assistant state attorney who believes Anthony Caracciolo and Tommy Joslin are credible.

Alan Ross: Joyce Cohen's defense attorney who has filed a motion to vacate her conviction


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