"The Classroom Is Filled with Bats Who Are Going to the Bathroom on Their Heads!"

When we  wrote that thing about former CBS4 reporter, Colombia lover, and apparent Miami hater Brian Andrews, we had no idea he had a news partnership deal with the  Miami Herald . But he does, and here he is reporting on a Colombian classroom that "is filled with bats who are going to the bathroom on [students'] heads!" You have to watch the video -- the delivery is key.

All this from the man who said, "Anyone can cover a shooting at a Burger King in Opa-locka... but not

everyone can cover a volcanic eruption, a hostage release, a 747 crash,

regular political scandals, and the complex world of Colombian

politics... and make them hit home for a global audience."

Also bat poop. He has really made that hit home for a global audience.  

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