Ten Unforgettable Chris Bosh Miami Heat Moments

Ten Unforgettable Chris Bosh Miami Heat Moments
George Martinez

Chris Bosh's time with the Miami Heat is now over, but what a time it was. It was sometimes easy to overlook Bosh, because the Heat was a juggernaut full of stars, including two of the NBA's best in LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Bosh consistently wouldn't be forgotten, though. His plays on the court and his infectious personality off the court made him too much of a pleasure not to enjoy.

It seemed like Bosh the basketball player was often overshadowed by Bosh the person. Heat fans probably, to this day, would rather have a beer with Bosh than shoot baskets with him.  

In honor of Chris Bosh the basketball player, comedian, actor, and most interesting man, here are a few of our favorite Boshy Bear Miami moments. 

10. Chris Bosh speaks Spanish at the Big Three welcome party.

At the time, we were all OMG, he speaks Spanish! Later on, we would find out he was sandbagging our asses with this high-school stuff. He's straight-up fluent in Spanish. 

9. Chris Bosh the video-bomb gawd.

As this ESPN segment above shows, Chris Bosh video bombs became a thing that brought the team's players together and kept them loose at a time when the rest of the nation hated the Miami Heat's guts. Bosh was the king of video bombs, somehow never disappointing. His face alone could make you crack up. Even LeBron got a kick out of it at a time when he was trying to pull off this evil, never-laughing, me-against-the-world persona. 

8. Chris Bosh dunks on the entire Atlanta Hawks team. 

On all of their faces. All of them. Every Atlanta Hawk that was on the court — Boshterized. It was mad early in the game, but Bosh was having none of the Hawks' weak-ass shit. 

7. Chris Bosh hits a game winner versus the Portland Trailblazers.

Between a ridiculous backward shovel pass by Wade and the private-investigator-dressed LeBron booty dance afterward, Bosh's game-winning three was almost an afterthought here. Almost. Boshy roar. 

6. Chris Bosh says "shit" on TV, but it's OK because he is Chris Bosh.

Who does this? It might be hard to remember, but before the Big Three, video bombs weren't really a thing. Bosh made them a thing and then took said thing too far this once. It was OK, though, because he's Chris Bosh. 

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