'Tea Party' Party Officially Established in Florida

Well, the 'Tea Party' is an official political party in Florida now. Orlando lawyer Frederic O'Neal registered the new party with the Florida Secretary of State in August, and serves as its chairman.

"The current system has become mired in the sludge of special interest money that seeks to control the leadership of both parties. It's time for real change," said O'Neal in a statement according to Politico.

Apparently he hopes the party becomes something like New York's Conservative Party that recently made headlines in that special congressional election. Though, unlike New York, Florida doesn't have fusion voting, where a third party is allowed to give their ballot line to a major party candidate. So what exactly the Tea Party plans to do isn't clear. 

The party steams from the Conservative Tea Party protests that kept cable news busy all this summer by protesting big government.


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