Tampa Mayor Might Jump into Senate Race

With 22 months left before the election, there are still plenty of surprises left in this Senate race. The latest of which is that Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio told the Tampa Bay Tribune she's considering running in the Democratic primary:

"It was not something I was considering when there was a possibility that Alex Sink

might run," Iorio said this morning. "But since she bowed out, I have

had people talk to me about it. So I am analyzing it, and that's where

I am right now. I have not ruled it out."

Iorio's name has been mentioned frequently as a possible Charlie Crist opponent in the 2010 gov race, but she was mostly off the Senate radar. The Tribune theorizes she could have an advantage, considering Kendrick Meek and Dan Gelber could split the South Florida voting block. But we think once Gelber realizes how serious Meek's campaign is (he'll apparently have Bill Clinton at his first fundraiser), he'll take his new-found statewide name recognition and pack up.


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