Tallahassee Discovers Twitter, Goes a Little Overboard

Tallahassee Discovers Twitter, Goes a Little Overboard

I'm not immediately sure how this is useful, but there's a new website for people in Tallahassee to get excited over. It's called the Florida Gaggle, and its main feature is that it aggregates the Twitter feeds from politicians, politicos, and reporters. How exciting! It also aggregates the same five or so newspaper political blogs that Sayfie Review does.

But FLGaggle did help us find the Charlie Crist parody Twitter. Not quite as funny as, say, the Dinah Lohan or Christopher Walken fake Twitter accounts, but LOLable nonetheless. Lots of jokes about Carol Rome being on The Real Housewives of New York, though completely lacking in gay jokes (sigh).

There's also a Twitter parody of Florida Democratic Party communications director Eric Jotkoff. Imagine you were 12 and wanted to make fun of this guy's name; what would his parody Twitter be? Yes, Eric_Jakoff! There are "funny" tweets such as "I got a mangina!" and "That Geithner is an economic genius" (I'm beginning to think that last one might actually be funny, though). 


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