Surprise! GOP Suspected of Sleazy Tactics in Florida

The St. Petersburg Times reports that the Grand Ol' Party may be up to some tricky mailing tactics in Florida.

The Republican National Committee sent out mail to some registered Democrats in five Florida counties, including Miami-Dade, asking for money and stating "We have you registered as a Republican."

The envelopes also had "Do not forward" stamped on them, meaning that if residents are having their mail forwarded, the letters would be returned to the GOP. Some Democrats suspect Republicans plan to use this as proof that voters had changed their address without updating their voter registration and try to challenge their votes. This is known as vote caging.

Given the recent confused state of their candidate, it's not hard to imagine the Republicans really are just confused as hell about party affiliation. Then again it doesn't take a huge stretch of the imagination to think they're involved in dirty tricks either.

-- Kyle Munzenrieder


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