Surprise! Billionaire Democrat Jeff Greene Joins Florida Senate Race

Florida's senate race is already the hottest telenovela of the season. Imagine the actually open seat as a saucy and sensual young widower entertaining the advances of three men, but like every good soap opera there's more melodramatic twists than a mountain road. Now a mysterious billionaire has emerged to try and swoop the Senate seat off her feet.

Jeff Greene officially announced his candidacy this morning. We've already mentioned him and his quirky past before (recap: Mike Tyson was his best man, Hollywood madam Heidi Fliess lived with him for a year, and he made millions by betting against the real estate market). Greene also plans to finance most of his campaign with his own fortune. He won't accept special interest money, and will limit personal donations to $100. His personal checkbook could make him a force, and insider Democrats who have rallied around Kendrick Meek aren't exactly happy.

Greene only moved to Florida in 2008, and previously ran as a moderate Republican for a congressional seat in California in the '80s, but says otherwise he is a lifelong Democrat.

You can watch his announcement video below, where he rallies against his failed "career politician" opponents, special interests and the failures of Washington.


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