Aggro: uptight, aggressive
Betty: girl
Charger: fearless surfer who goes for big waves
Epic: great, huge (epic waves)
Grommet/gremmie: young or beginning surfer
Kook: reckless beginner with wanton disregard for safety of other surfers
Ripper/shredder: good surfer

Snake: verb -- to catch a wave when another person already is riding it; noun -- surfer who snakes

Sponger: boogie-boarder
Square: conservative surfer
Stoked: elated feeling resulting from good waves
Tube: tube-shape wave
Getting tubed: surfing inside a tube-shape wave

Wanna-be: inexperienced surfers or nonsurfers more into surf fashion than surfing

Day-glo: bright colors of wet suits commonly worn by wanna-be's


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