Sugar Baron Pepe Fanjul and Wife Robbed of Jewels While in L.A. for Oscars

José "Pepe" Fanjul might be sly when it comes to sugar, but he apparently isn't so smart when someone tries to steal his sweets. Fanjul, co-owner of sugar corporation Florida Crystals, and his wife Emilia were visiting Los Angeles to attend the Oscars when they were robbed.

While staying at the Beverly Wilshire, the two struck up a conversation with a man in Spanish. Later he appeared at their door wearing a blue uniform with the word hotel written on it and claiming he needed to fix the air conditioning.

He ended up snatching Emilia's jewelry collection and fleeing. The perp was apparently ID'ed on surveillance tapes but hasn't been caught yet.

We tell ya, sometimes, oh lawd, sometimes it is just so hard to be so, so rich.


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