Stephen Colbert Starts His Own Rick Scott Letter Writing Campaign

In a miscalculated move to try and boast public support, Florida Gov. Rick Scott's website asked his fervent supporters, all five of them, to sign their name to a pre-written letter and send them off to Florida's newspapers letter to the editor section.

Well, at least one fake conservative pundit is impressed: Stephen Colbert. The Comedy Central host has actually decided to do Rick Scott one better and has put up his own pre-written letter on his website. Though, he seems to trust the writing skills of Floridians a bit more, and lets them fill in certain words in the letter for themselves, Mad Llibs style.

Jump to the 1:48 mark in the video below to watch Colbert kick off his Rick Scott letter writing campaign.

Yes, you can actually fill in the letter here :

Dear Editor,

It is my strong belief that Rick Scott is a(n) [adjective] governor. His letter praising himself makes me want to [verb] up. I [adverb] [verb] this great nation, and everyone should [verb] Rick Scott with a [noun] for a(n) [interjection ]full-body shave like a naked mole rat.

[Name], [City]

Few audiences are quite as devoted as Colbert's, so we're not sure who we should feel a slight bit of sympathy for: Scott, or the newspaper interns who have to wade through all the incoming letters.

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