Stephanie Kienzle of Voters Opinion
Stephanie Kienzle of Voters Opinion

Stephanie Kienzle: Northern exposure

Blog: Voters Opinion

Alias: None

Age: 54


Stephanie Kienzle

Primary specialty: Keeping tabs on corrupt politicians in North Miami and North Miami Beach

Last job: Legal assistant for a solo practicing attorney since 1978; she still works for him part-time

Net worth: "My husband and I have about $60,000 in home equity." Kienzle purchased her three-bedroom house in North Miami Beach for $69,000 in 1989. Last year, it had a market value of $93,500.

Criminal record: None

Blog history: At a friend's prodding, Kienzle set her sights in September 2010 on North Miami Beach Mayor Myron Rosner, whom she blasted with hundreds of posts about his petty unethical antics (such as the time he plastered his face on "Happy Holidays" signs before the city's election). The Florida Elections Commission opened an investigation into Rosner after Kienzle bashed him for allegedly accepting free ad space from a city vendor. He finally retaliated after she wrote about his spending hundreds of taxpayer dollars for hotel stays in nearby Hollywood and downtown Miami; he had building inspectors check out "several violations" at Kienzle's house. In the end, she had the last laugh. Rosner lost re-election last May. Now Kienzle is concentrating on exposing Andre Pierre, the mayor in neighboring North Miami.

Why she's No. 7: Any time you can claim the scalp of an incumbent mayor, you're doing a helluva job holding elected officials accountable. She also deserves props for going after politicians even though she is not independently wealthy.

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