Stallworth Drank Four Shots of Tequila Before Fatal Crash

What's the saying? One tequila ...two tequila ...three tequila ...floor. Well, sadly Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth downed four shots of tequila and didn't hit the floor. He hit the road in his Bentley, and then hit a pedestrian crossing the MacArthur Causeway.

Miami beach Police released an interview they conducted with Stallworth after the incident that took place in March, and he admitted to downing four tequila shots. He then claims to have returned home for a quick nap, and hit the road again early that morning for "breakfast."

Stallworth said he didn't feel drunk, but his blood-alcohol level was .126. The state's legal limit is .08.

Stallworth pleaded guilty to DUI manslaughter charges and is serving the remainder of his mere 30-day sentence in a Miami-Dade jail.


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