South Park Lampoons LeBron's "What Should I Do?" Ad

South Park works in fast and mysterious ways. LeBron James' new "What Should I Do?" Nike ad only premiered last week, and the team found a way to write it into the conclusion of a two part episode lampooning the BP oil spill.

The parody is a little hard to grasp if you didn't see the episode. Basically former BP CEO's apology campaign was satirized through out with increasingly pathetic attempts at naive innocence. Meanwhile Cartman, as his superhero alter-ego "The Coon" has been kicked out of superhero team "Coon and Friends" for basically being a dick, as rival superhero Captain Hindsight is facing a personal dilemma. Yes, none of this really makes sense out of context. Watch the episodes online if you really need this explained better.

Anyway, all the story lines dovetail in a note-for-note spoof of the "What Should I Do" ad.

For reference, here's the original:


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