Hundreds of South Florida Students Walk Out to Demand Gun Restrictions

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A whole lot of pro-gun activists, conspiracy theorists, and general piles of garbage want to pretend these children don't exist. But today, hundreds of South Florida students have walked out of class and are marching in the streets to demand increased gun-safety laws after 17 students and teachers were shot to death last week at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

Students who have spoken out have been called fake "crisis actors" planted by the FBI and George Soros. They've been accused of being pawns for Every Town for Gun Safety, a nonprofit funded in part by Michael Bloomberg. They've been mocked online and attacked for simply living through a mass shooting with dignity.

And their contemporaries are out in the streets today echoing their message. Students from West Boca Raton High marched for more than three hours to Stoneman Douglas High today. The schools sit roughly 12 miles apart. Other walkouts at North Broward Preparatory, Fort Lauderdale High, and Hollywood MacArthur High are also planned, according to the Miami Herald.

Busloads of Stoneman Douglas students are also en route to Tallahassee to demand that state lawmakers do their basic jobs and do something to prevent future school shootings.
Some students have already reached Stoneman Douglas: Herald reporter Martin Vassolo filmed multiple teens speaking outside the high school roughly an hour ago:
"It's not about a mental health problem," one student, 14-year-old Tomas Segini, shouted to the crowd, according to Vassolo's video. "It's about a problem of letting a person with mental health problems get a gun! So how can we let someone do that?"

Separately, Angelica Grindle, whose child attends North Broward Preparatory, told New Times that students on that campus planned to walk out at 2 p.m. today. One day after the Stoneman Douglas massacre, gunshots were reported at North Broward Prep. It turns out a Broward Sheriff's Office deputy had fired his gun by accident, but the school was briefly placed on lockdown anyway.
CNN will host a town-hall debate on gun violence with Florida politicians, including U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, alongside many Parkland survivors. The quality of the post-Parkland discourse on the right has been far less civil — Donald Trump Jr. this morning shared fake conspiracy theories all day and attacked children who survived the slaughter.
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