Sorry, Pervs, Looking up Skirts Will Soon Be Illegal

In 2007, a Pensacola man decided to have a perv-y day and look up ladies' skirts at a Barnes & Noble. He got caught, but when the case went to court, he got off because Florida laws didn't specifically outlaw voyeurism in public spaces. It's only illegal in places where people can expect a reasonable amount of privacy, which apparently doesn't include bookstores.

Now legilsators are looking to rewrite the law. A new bill expected to be introduced in the House makes it illegal to "look under or through a person's clothing without the

person's knowledge or consent for the purposes of amusement,

entertainment, sexual arousal, or gratification," according to the Pensacola News Journal. But Miami-area Rep. J.C. Planas apparently thinks the language is to broad.


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