So A Rapper Walks Into A Fatburger...

We tend to inject a little humor into news items around here, but really no more humor is needed for this story. Rapper N.O.R.E. (real name: Victor Santiago Jr.) got arrested at a Fatburger early Sunday morning. From the AP:

"Police say Santiago, of New York, caused a disruption at the

Fatburger by yelling at another customer, ripping up a bouquet of

flowers and throwing a cup filled with a yellow liquid at the customer.

Authorities said the rapper punched the man in the face, and yelled 'Do you know who I am?'"

Oh jeez, the ol' 'Do you know who I am?'

N.O.R.E. recently admitted to Jay-Z and Reggeaton related depression causing him to gain weight.We sincerely hope he gets help for his food related emotional issues.


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