Snooki Gets Into Drink-Throwing Slap Fight on Ocean Drive

How clear do we have to make this? You do not disrespect the Snooki. She is a princess among guidos. Those other Jersey Shore chicks -- Mangie, J-coww, whoever -- you can diss them all you want, but you treat Snooki like the royalty she is. Do we have an understanding, Miami?

Snooki and some other unimportant castmates were having a good time at Ocean's 10 bar on Ocean Drive this weekend when some scumbag began bothering our beloved. Snooki responded with a few palms to his face before throwing a drink in it. He retaliated by bombing Snooki with a red drink. caught it all one tape.

Snooki, the image of class and restraint she is, took in stride. She quickly dried her cleavage, adjusted her poof, and got on with her life. Meanwhile, someone in the background with a high-pitched voice was screaming, "Snooki, we love you!" We promise it wasn't us.


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