Six-Year-Old South Florida Rapper Promises to Make Your "Booty Pop," or Totally Offend You

Today's most controversial viral video comes with the following description: "This is a Music Video we did called "Booty Pop" by Albert. Albert is a 6 year old rapper from South Florida." If the idea of a 6-year-old singing a song called "Booty Pop" isn't immediately skeezy to you, then just wait until you watch the video.

Yes, this is a 6-year-old-boy, named Albert Roundtree Jr., surrounded by full-grown women in bikinis shaking their booties.

As a writer at points out, "And let's be real, if Albert were a 6-year-old girl swimming in a sea of d-ck soup singing about making her booty pop, would it still be so funny and amusing then, or would somebody be on the phone to Benson and Stabler?"

True, we could ask questions of the filmmakers, song producers, and the boy's parents, and people already are. Mostly though, we want to know about the booty girls in this video. At what point does stripping down to a bikini and shaking your ass in the face of a kid who should still be watching Nick Jr. sound like a good idea?

Do you really want this moment -- being hosed down by a kid barely out of Huggies while gyrating in a bikini -- on the internet forever?

Six-Year-Old South Florida Rapper Promises to Make Your "Booty Pop," or Totally Offend You

There are legitimate and respectable ways to make money while bouncing around in panties. Wait, did they even get paid for this?

This makes us long for the day of tween viral video rappers like Mini Daddy, who at least had age-appropriate video girls.

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