Silicon Beach: Organize the Social Media Mess! Now!

We've already talked about how tweetups are out of hand. Some locals have tried to organize this mess.

Lori Todd has put together a simple events-at-glance calendar that focuses exclusively on tech and social media tweetups. It's a work in progress but a good place to start.  Follow @loritodd to stay tuned.

Orange Events Calendar, managed by Agustina Prigoshin (@agustinap), includes meetups in various sectors, such as public relations and nonprofit. It's easy to keep up with the calendar by following @oecalendar on Twitter., run by Ivan Mladenovic (@ivanmladenovic), is South Florida's social business network and features the most comprehensive listings, from legal to health care and fundraising. The website includes a blog, a search function by keyword or category, as well as a front page of news and event listings. The site also posts to Twitter @sobizmiami.

Refresh Miami, though not a calendar site, often features a listing of tech and social media courses and workshops at the end of each blog post and in an email newsletter.

Twitter account @MiamiTweetups, run by two volunteers active in the local tech and social media scene, makes it easy for avid Twitter users to stay on the ball. If you're holding a local tweetup, simply send a message to the account to be included.

And last but not least, you can search for local tweetups by clicking on the city of your choice at Twtvite or Tweetvite.

Nothing can be more annoying than a great event organized without consideration of other events. Hopefully, these resources will bring together pockets of local social media communities that are splintered. It's high time the left hand know what the tweetup is doing.

If you know of any additional resources, feel free to list them in comments.


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