Sheet Suspenders Inventor Says Ex-Boyfriend Stole Her Company

In 1988, Maria Thornhill invented a nifty gadget called Sheet Suspenders, elastic bands that tuck in bed sheets without having to lift the mattress. By 2008, she'd sold more than $3 million worth of the devices. It was an American success story — at least until an old flame named Alberto Argomaniz stole the business.

At least that's how Thornhill, who is locked in a lawsuit with Argomaniz, tells it. "His plan was to leave me out in the cold," she says.

Argomaniz denies Thornhill's accusations. "I paid for the business," he says. "I own it clean as a whistle."


Sheet Suspenders

The trouble began in 2008, when Thornhill's patent expired. Bed, Bath & Beyond — her biggest client — stopped purchasing from her in favor of cheaper knockoffs.

Thornhill's personal financial troubles were mounting. Her condo association sued her and won a judgment for $25,500.

In March 2009, she ran into Argomaniz, an insurance agent she'd briefly dated. He seemed like a savior: In exchange for a 50 percent stake, he promised to pay her condo bills, lend her a Lexus, and cover her personal expenses.

It appeared to be an ideal partnership for five months, Thornhill says — until she went to a lawyer's office to finalize the deal. Instead of a 50-50 split, Argomaniz had drawn up an agreement giving him full control.

"[His attorney] told me I didn't have a choice," Thornhill says.

A few months later, Argomaniz accused Thornhill of stealing the company Lexus, as well as two MacBooks and an iPhone. (Thornhill was not arrested or charged, though a police report was filed.) The following month, Argomaniz sued Thornhill for selling 216 suspenders on Amazon. In 2010, a judge granted Argomaniz a temporary injunction barring her from selling the items. Amazon also blocked her.

"At least two different judges have concluded she lacks credibility," Richard Sarafan, Argomaniz's attorney, says.

In October, Thornhill sold her condo to settle her debts. She's been renting a small duplex in Little Havana. "I've run out of money," she says, "and I don't know what I am going to do."


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