Separated at Birth?

The national media has already picked out Raul Martinez's Halloween costume! He's going as Boris Yeltsin.

From Politico's chronicle of the ever-dirty, ever-tight race for District 21:

"The physically towering Martinez looks like a Latin Boris Yeltsin, with a doughy, expressive face that is often set in a scowl but lights up when he talks to voters or greets his grandchildren at campaign headquarters."

And a few weeks ago, The Nation called Martinez "a Cuban-American dead ringer for Boris Yeltsin."

One more and it's officially a meme.

Though seriously, media guys, you should take it a bit easier on the Russian analogies down in these parts. While Yeltsin's rise to power did signal the end of Soviet Russia, he didn't exactly make it a smooth transition. Still, "End Communism: Vote for the guy who looks like Yeltsin," might make a good campaign slogan.

--Kyle Munzenrieder


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