Second Tier Soccer and Miami FC to Continue Next Season

Fans of Miami FC can breath a sigh of relief: the team will indeed play this year.

The future of Miami FC and second tier soccer in America was called into question when a group of USL teams led by Miami FC's owner, Traffic Sports, split off to form a rival league, the NASL. Traffic Sports is a major player in soccer in South America, and apparently the MLS feared that the NASL could evolve into a rival.

Confused by the whole situation, the USSF, the governing body of soccer in America, decided that it wouldn't sanction either league last week, but gave a one week deadline for both leagues to figure everything out.

Today, it's expected that all parties involved will announce that both leagues will operate in tandem. Each league will essentially represent one conference, with inter-league play, and a year end match between the two conference champs to decide the overall championship.


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