Seattle Seahawks Present LeBron James with Custom Jersey

Is Pete Carroll trying to recruit LeBron James? Just days after the Miami Heat stat took to his Twitter to hint that maybe, possibly he was thinking about an NFL career, the Seattle Seahawks coach replied with a custom LeBron jersey.

Here's the full photo that Carroll posted on Twitter with the simple message "Hey @KingJames":

Seattle Seahawks Present LeBron James with Custom Jersey

James himself retweeted the pic with a "Nice!! Looks Great."

With a 2-3 record, the Seahawks could stand to shake things up a bit. Plus, Seattle is one of the few towns that has a basketball villain more hated than LeBron. (They're still pissed at Clay Bennett for taking their team to Oklahoma City.)

Too bad we're pretty sure this is an elaborate joke. Pete Carroll apparently has too much time on his hands.

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