Scumball Sell-Off

The City of Miami is damn near bust. Commissioners in recent years have snarfed down $50 million from their bank accounts to cover operating losses. Now, on his way out of office and in a desperate attempt to repair a rapidly shredding legacy, Mayor Manny Diaz is holding a fire sale.

He's peddling neither parks nor hairpieces.

No, Manuelito has dug through the closets of that hangar they call city hall and turned up something far more valuable: baseball cards. Kind of. Actually, what Manny is offering to the public (through New Times, and we get a cut of the profits) are felon cards commemorating those halcyon days when bankruptcy loomed, graft was common, and lawmen busted bad pols like fishermen nail snook in the Keys.


corrupt Miami politicians

Click here to view the collectible cards.


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