Scott Storch Wanted for Stealing a Fan in Suburban Illinois

Sort of.

According to the Tri-Cities Blotter, a group of grifters recently tried to use our favorite erstwhile Palm Island Lothario's name to steal a $330 Dyson fan.

The day after one of the bladeless fans -- which circulate air just like a regular fan and are totally something Scott Storch would buy ten of -- disappeared from a St. Charles, Illinois Meijer, a man showed up at a nearby Meijer trying to return the same type of fan.

He identified himself as "'Scott Storch', a famous hip-hop producer" and gave a disconnected phone number. Meijer refused to give him a refund, and he returned to a Dodge minivan packed with cronies.

The plot thickens: "Store security also was looking into whether two women trying to return a blender could be tied to the suspects who stole the fan."

Lindsay and Paris, is that you?


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