Scott Storch Robbed of $100K in Jewelry Near Times Square

Scott Storch, Miami's, uh, maybe 653rd favorite son, recently left town to record in the Big Apple. But the music producer with a history of money problems lost $100,000 worth of property this morning in an armed stickup near Times Square.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Storch was leaving Platinum Studios at 6:45 a.m. with four entourage members and had hopped into a cab to wait for another cab for additional entourage members when they were mugged by two armed men. The men took Storch's Rolex and diamond necklace, each valued at $50,000.

Apparently Storch also has an entourage member who casually carried around $4,000 in cash in a briefcase, because the crooks took that too.

The thieves also took the cab driver's keys for good measure.

The two men then took off in a Ford Explorer. Police are reviewing video surveillance footage and have recovered a fingerprint from one of the suspects.

For a guy who snorted away a sizable chunk of his former fortune, losing $100,000 in bling has to hurt.

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